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Why I started Hometown Property Tax

I understand what it's like to get your escrow bill at the end of the year with an increase in your property tax valuation. In turn this increases your mortgage payment... I wouldn't wish that stress on anyone.  I started Hometown Property Tax to help people lower their tax bills and maintain a correct value every year, allowing people free up their time and money to focus on what matters most to them. 


My goal is to change the mentality that a lower home value with the county does not mean your home is worth less.  Regardless of the price with the appraisal district, you can still sell your home at a premium and keep your tax bill low year after year.


I love what I do. I'm a numbers person and a people person and Hometown Property Tax gives me the opportunity to engage both of those aspects of my personality. I hope to have the chance to work with you and be sure to connect with me on LinkedIn!

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